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Microblading Vs. Digital – Similar Results Different Tools

The brow look that most people want is a 3 dimensional natural appearance.  Depending upon your unique brow situation sparse or non-existent, dark or light hair,  the ultimate brow can be created by combining a variety of styles with the implementation of different techniques all in one session!!!

Microblading, Strokes, Shading, Powder Brow,  Ombre, Tattooed Brows, Digital etc.  What are these terms and how can they help me get the results I’m looking for ?  The different brow styles are strokes, shading, powder brow & ombre.  Most of these styles can be used in combination with eachother.  They are all forms of permanent makeup or tattooing.  Microblading is a method of creating hair like looking strokes manually, the same look can be achieved with a machine.  The method in which these techniques are created is either with a disposable manual handtool or a digital machine with disposable cartridges.  The most popular request is combining the powder brow style with strokes on the front brow bulb and in most cases this will be done with both the digital machine and manual handtool.  I like to think of these different methods & techniques as artist brushes.  The tools in my arsenal give me more artistic options so I can create a natural-looking result specifically customized for each client.